• Imeila Fonua

    Imeila Fonua is a Senior Technical Recruiter who specializes in filling mid-level technical posts in a variety of sectors. He is responsible for sourcing qualified candidates. More than five years ago, he began his career as a technical recruiter focused on delivering measurable outcomes for both nearshore and offshore talent. Currently, he is employed with Meta.


    Imeila Fonua has an impressive history of working for reputable firms and rapidly advancing to positions that include increasing levels of responsibility. In the past, he has held the positions of Account Executive and Senior Technical Recruiter. He now holds the position of Account Executive. Imeila's colleagues and bosses have, over the course of his career, consistently lauded his sales, leadership, and organizational abilities, as well as his commitment to conceiving of original approaches to resolving issues.


    Meta is an online publishing firm whose primary mission is to develop technologies that facilitate online social interaction between individuals. In addition to collaborating with already established social media platforms, the firm is also at the forefront of developing innovative new means by which individuals may interact with one another via the use of augmented and virtual reality.


    Every work that Imeila Fonua takes on benefits from his broad spectrum of life experiences as well as his record of accomplishments. Employers have always praised him as an excellent worker and a leader who has the potential to improve the quality of any workplace. It speaks a lot about Mr. Fonua as a person that he has been a successful Technical Recruiter in the past.

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